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From, Karenb8. TIM: A biome is an interdependent system of plants and animals and land, a sort of large region with similar ecosystems.

Educator Resources for Landforms

Several tiles of different shape start appearing and soon fill up the entire screen. Each tile has an image of a plant or an animal on it, including a tree branch, a leaf, a bush, a polar bear, a wolf, an owl, a goose, a rabbit, a moose, a ferret and a fly. TIM: Factors like temperature, rainfall, and altitude all decide what type of plant and animal life a biome can support. The screen is broken up into three parts, first shows a thermometer, second part includes an animation of rain falling and third shows a mountain peak.

A map of the world with different regions on the map having different colors is shown. The colors of the regions include salad green, green, dark green, yellow, light brown, viridian and light blue. Most of the colors are not limited to a single spot of the map and correspond to regions scattered throughout several continents. An animation then shows an image of the outline of the state Utah and then places it in its location on the map; it falls in a yellow colored region.

TIM: There are countless species of plants and animals living on Earth, and they've each evolved to become specially adapted to their environments. TIM: Well, if you move an animal out of its biome, it might not survive. It's the same deal with plants. An animation shows a flamingo in the middle of a snow covered field.

The flamingo, covered with snow and ice, slowly tips over and falls. An animation shows rain falling on the tree tops of a thick forest.

An animation shows a monkey sitting on a tree, a parrot sitting on a vine, a spider crawling on a big green leaf and a jaguar. The map of the world is shown; the green colored regions are highlighted. TIM: This biome has a hot rainy season and a cold dry season; with not many trees and lots of … grassland, surprisingly enough. An animation shows a desert with a patch of grass, a body of water and a single tree next to it. Several zebras are getting a drink from the lake and an elephant is walking through the grass.

The map of the world is shown; the light green colored regions are highlighted.

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TIM: They have moderate rain, and four seasons.Storm Tracker Storms can form out at sea and travel to land.

But most storms dwindle away and never make it to land. The National Weather Service, various weather sites, and many local television and radio stations track storms and record how they move. Track a storm together and follow its path. Which direction is it moving? How strong are the winds? Where do you think the storm is going? How do you think scientists can track storms? If possible, organize a fundraiser to help raise money or collect donated items to support disaster recovery.

You may wish to hold a fundraiser or donation drive in response to a specific emergency, or you may want to hold an event during the year so you can donate before an emergency occurs.

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Your event will provide funds and needed items which will enable emergency relief organizations to react quicker. Have your students research volcanic islands. Many can be found in the Ring of Fire, the area in the Pacific Ocean where many tectonic plates meet.

Research pictures online.

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How are these islands different from other islands? What are the characteristics of volcanic islands? Would your students like to live on one? How are they alike and different? Have students present their findings to the class.

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Some may want to give a PowerPoint presentation or slideshow, draw posters, or create guidebooks. Toggle navigation Toggle Search. Classroom Activities: Fast Land Changes.Super simple and engaging to use, BrainPOP's learning content allows your class to independently study curriculum concepts in a safe and structured way across a full range of subject areas.

Our popular animated movies offer a powerful way to express the most relevant information about curriculum topics. Your children will use BrainPOP to demonstrate mastery of topics through learner-driven projects that strengthen critical, computational, and creative thinking.

Join Tim and Moby as they explore this highly advanced pre-Columbian culture. Plus, Tim will describe the role of religion in Maya society, explaining how it drove advances in architecture, math, art, and astronomy. We offer you a huge range of ways to engage with a topic, from learning games to coding tools to concept mappingall of which allows you to offer a more rich and balanced curriculum. We also provide a suite of assessment optionswhich makes it easier for you to manage your pupils' learning outcomes.

Take a look at coding on BrainPOP. There's no extra or hidden cost for your pupils to use BrainPOP at home. Using their individual accounts a child's BrainPOP activity can be captured from their first click to their last.

Before the start of a new academic year, teachers can easily look back through incoming pupils' BrainPOP dashboard - maps and movies made, scores achieved, feedback given, and so on. Seek out areas of interest, what enthused them, and where they need work. The Admin dashboard records use across the school - login counts, popular movies, class management, etc.

You can even check which teachers are the most prolific users and ask them to train others! BrainPOP is a great way to introduce a new topic or concept. Use the movies to engage your students with active viewing! Pause when a new vocabulary word pops up, or have students paraphrase what happened, make a prediction or connect what they just saw to their own experience.

Ask children to start a map when you introduce a new topic, and to build and improve on it over time. The breadth and depth of topics in BrainPOP can help address the questions kids ask about what they see, hear and read about in the news. BrainPOP movies are just the right length to use for improving note-taking skills. Use subtitles to support struggling readers and writers.

brainpop land

Teachers can make and assign their own quizzes, polls, and surveys using our 'Quiz Mixer' tool. They can be assigned to individuals or whole classes, and results are submitted to the teacher. The 'Assignment builder' tool allows you to allocate one or more BrainPOP resources to a whole class or single student. Perfect to support specific needs, for homework, projects, remediation, or 'catch up' material for previously absent pupils.

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Are you ready to explore BrainPOP? Primary Playful, fun, informative. A Universe of learning. Children are full of questions, which is how we like it! We help you make the complex Higher Order Skills Your children will use BrainPOP to demonstrate mastery of topics through learner-driven projects that strengthen critical, computational, and creative thinking. Maya Civilization younger children. Join Annie and Moby to build knowledge and ask questions like: What was the Maya civilization like?

What was Maya culture like? What happened to some of the Maya cities? How did they worship, tell the time, and trade? Visit maya civilisation topic on brainpop jr.For the most part, countries have been able to keep their hostilities toward each other to a minimum since then. Though hostilities continue, countries have been afraid to engage in all-out nuclear war with each other.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Questions Edit 1. Adolf Hitler controlled Germany's A. Economy B.

brainpop land

Military C. Laws D. All of the Above 2.

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How did the Nazi Party justify their invasion of other countries? Germans were destined to rule the world B. The Treaty of Versailles gave them the right to invade C.

They were defending attacks on Germany D. They were liberating countries from totalitarian regimes 3. What is a blitzkrieg? A quick takeover of an entire nation B. A slow advance across a small amount of territory C.

A military stand-off D. A fascist political movement 4. Killed many innocent civilians B. Forced the U. Was carried out by Japan D. Occurred after the U. Which word best describes Germany's conduct toward the Soviet Union? Betrayal B. Loyalty C.

brainpop land

Frugality D. Honesty 6. France B.Tim is climbing a tall, sheer rock face. He is wearing safety gear. A woodpecker appears and pecks his hand, and he loses his grip on the rock's surface. He yells and falls a few feet to the ground. Moby stands next to him, smiling. Are they just bigger than regular parks?

Types Of Clouds - The Dr. Binocs Show - Best Learning Videos For Kids - Peekaboo Kidz

Curious, Adrian. Hey, Adrian. It's true that a lot of national parks are huge. The biggest, Wrangell-Saint Elias, can fit the entire state of Massachusetts inside it, with room to spare for Delaware and Rhode Island. An image shows a map of Alaska, with its southeast corner marked to show the location of the park Tim describes. A map of Massachusetts is superimposed over the park, joined by a map of Delaware and Rhode Island.

All three states fit within the park with room to spare. TIM: But size alone isn't what defines them.

Land Biomes/Quiz

A national park is a specific type of protected area. That's a piece of land with special laws against development. TIM: Like, you couldn't just build a new home or a business there. It's public land, meaning it belongs to all of us. An image appears of a "no" symbol over a house. It is joined by a "no" symbol over a dollar sign.

A third symbol shows a crowd surrounding a wooded area. TIM: National parks are chosen based on the things you can see and do there. Some have crazy rock formations, like the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon. Arches Park has thousands of stone gateways formed by millions of years of erosion. And Carlsbad Caverns is filled with bizarre mineral formations.BrainPOP is here to help you and your curious learners stay informed and on-track with free access during school closures.

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brainpop land

Are you sure you want to leave? I want to continue. I want to stay here. After you watch a movie, make your own! Check out what students can do with Make-a-Movie. To start making movies, log in to your teacher or student account. Creative Coding.Please download and install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

If you have a BrainPOP teacher account, log in. We're here to help in the event of a school closure. Request free access. Heads up! Our sites may be periodically unavailable over the weekend while we make some improvements. Thanks in advance for your patience. Stay up-to-date by checking status. Search in brainpop. Playful Assessment Games. Sensitive Content. Movie Transcript. This Topic is Part of the Theme:.

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